People Pay Payments Service Terms and Conditions

These People Pay Payments Service Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) contain the terms and conditions under which we permit our AmBank Consumer eBanking Online Internet Banking users to utilize the People Pay service through our Online Internet Banking portal or via a cell phone or other handheld mobile device. You must be eighteen (18) years old to use the People Pay Payments Service.  You must accept these Terms and Conditions before you use the People Pay service. In these Terms and Conditions, “you” refers to our Consumer eBanking user who has elected to utilize the People Pay service, and the terms “AmBank,” “Bank,” “we” and “us” refer to American Bank and Trust Company, N.A.

These Terms and Conditions are made part of the AmBank Online Internet Banking & Bill Payment User Agreement (the “Agreement”) entered into between Bank and our Consumer eBanking users. All terms and definitions contained in the Agreement apply to these Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions of your deposit agreements and disclosures for each of your AmBank deposit accounts, as well as any other agreements you may have with us, such as loans, continue to apply. In addition, our Mobile Terms and Conditions apply to your use of the People Pay service via a cell phone or other handheld mobile device.  You understand that the People Pay service is distinct from Bill Payment and that the provisions of the Agreement applicable solely to Bill Payment do not apply to the People Pay service.  In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and the Agreement or any other agreements currently in place between you and us, these Terms and Conditions will govern. The People Pay service is also governed by applicable law, including the Federal Electronic Fund Transfer Act.

You understand that by selecting the People Pay service, you authorize us to post transactions generated by People Pay Payments Service through your designated Checking Account, Interest Bearing Checking (NOW) Account or Money Market Deposit Account in good standing (“Designated Account”) to another account at a U.S. financial institution or PayPal™ for payment to another individual in the U.S. You understand and agree that we use a variety of banking channels and facilities to make payments, but will ordinarily use an Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network for People Pay transactions. All payments to another person made through People Pay are subject to all terms and conditions within these Terms and Conditions and all other agreements connected with your accounts.  For example, Money Market Deposit Account transfers made through People Pay are counted against the permissible number of transfers.

You understand that if your designated Checking Account, Interest Bearing Checking (NOW) Account or Money Market Deposit Account is a joint account, and/or requires two or more signatures for any withdrawals, you agree that your individual User ID and Password will be your collective authorization for any People Pay Payments or authorization.  If other individuals are also authorized signatories for withdrawals on the designated Checking Account, Interest Bearing Checking (NOW) Account or Money Market Deposit Account and use the People Pay Payment Service, you agree that those authorized signatories can access all of the funds held in the linked accounts for People Pay Payments Service purposes. You are responsible for all payments you authorize using the People Pay Payments Service.  If you permit other persons to have knowledge of and use your User ID and Password to access the People Pay Payments Service, you are personally responsible for any transactions they authorize to/from your linked accounts. You should never share your User ID and Password with anyone else.  Each authorized individual should separately enroll and obtain a unique User ID and Password for accessing the People Pay Payments Service.

In addition, you understand that you may receive funds through the People Pay service from a payment generated by another individual. You hereby acknowledge that the receipt of money from another person is subject to the terms and conditions of other account agreements between you and us. You agree that we will not be liable in any way for any payments that you may receive, regardless of whether you authorized the sender to send them to you. If funds transferred into your Designated Account are deemed improperly transferred, including due to unauthorized transfer or insufficient funds in the sender's account, you authorize us to withdraw from your Designated Account an amount equal to the amount of funds improperly transferred to you.

You understand and agree that when you initiate a payment from your Designated Account using People Pay, the processing of the payment will begin and the debit from your account may occur immediately. Receipt of the funds by the recipient will be dependent on the acceptance of the payment by the recipient and whether information requested from the recipient has been provided. You acknowledge that the intended recipient is not required to accept any payment that you initiate through the People Pay service and agree that you will not hold us liable for any damages resulting from an intended recipient’s decision to accept or not to accept payment, provided that we make reasonable attempts to return any undelivered payment to your Designated Account or use other reasonable efforts to return such payment to you as permitted by law. You are responsible for ALL payments you authorize using People Pay. If you permit other persons to have knowledge of and use your User ID and Password to access People Pay, you are personally responsible for any transactions they authorize to/from your Designated Account. You should never share your User ID and Password with anyone else.

You understand and agree that we are relying upon the information you provide when originating a payment on your behalf. Any errors, including incorrect or inconsistent recipient names, email addresses, mobile phone numbers or account numbers are your responsibility. You understand and agree that we have no responsibility to investigate discrepancies between names, email addresses, mobile phone numbers or account numbers except as required under applicable law. You further understand that financial institutions holding recipient accounts are not responsible for investigating discrepancies between names and numbers. We are not responsible for the acts or omissions of any other person, including any transmission or communications facility, and no such person shall be deemed to be our agent.

Cut Off Times. Depending on the type of payment method selected, payments conducted through People Pay may be completed in real time (i.e. instantaneously) or there may be a slight delay in the debiting and/or crediting of a particular account. You understand and acknowledge that there may be a delay in the debiting or receipt of funds through People Pay.

People Pay Limitations. There are transaction limits for payments to another person through the People Pay service. The aggregate daily limit for all People Pay transactions in your Designated Account is $2,000.00. Additional limits determined by your selected payment method are described in the following table:

Method of Payment

Transaction Limit

Send to Bank Account

$1,000.00 per transaction

Send to Email or Mobile Number hereinafter referred to as "Recipient   Chooses"

$1,000.00 per transaction


$100.00 per transaction

Scheduling Payments. Payments sent to an email address or mobile phone number require that the recipient claim the funds within ten (10) calendar days. The recipient is directed to the People Pay site in order to claim their funds and may choose how to receive the funds. They can either have the payment sent to their PayPal account or their bank account.  Payments sent to a PayPal account require that the recipient login to their PayPal account to claim the funds. Payments sent to a bank account require knowledge of the recipient’s bank routing number and account number.  

Cancellation of Payment. A payment request that has been initiated through PayPal™ or Recipient Chooses may not be cancelled unless the recipient has not yet claimed the payment. A payment request that has been initiated using Send to Bank Account may not be cancelled. Inquiries on cancelations must be directed to the eBanking Services Department at1-877-626-2265  ext. 6524 Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  


As a reminder, you cannot cancel a payment if it has been CLAIMED, DECLINED, OR EXPIRED!

To cancel a payment through Online AmBank People Pay – Select the Outgoing Payment Detail page; then select the payment you want to cancel from the Outgoing Payment Detail screen. To cancel the payment, click the Cancel Payment button. The Payment Cancel screen will appear and you must select YES to continue with the cancellation request. Once the payment has been canceled, you will receive the Payment Canceled screen.

To cancel a payment through Mobile AmBank People Pay – Select the People Pay menu option; then select the Activity menu tab. Under the UNCLAIMED PAYMENTS section, you can select the payment you want to cancel from the Activity screen. The Payment Details screen will appear, if the payment is Unclaimed, the Cancel Payment button will appear. To cancel the payment, select Cancel Payment and then select YES to continue with the cancellation request.  After selecting YES, the Complete screen appears, select DONE to continue.

Expired Payments. Payments conducted through PayPal™ will not expire, as they happen in real time and will either succeed or fail immediately. If the recipient does not wish to open a PayPal™ account, you will have to allow the PayPal™ payment to expire (after 10 days) before the debited amount may be returned to your account. Payments conducted through Recipient Chooses will expire in 10 calendar days.

Rejections of Payments. Payments to another person may not be completed for various reasons, in our sole discretion. For example, if information provided for the recipient is inaccurate or if identity verification is not completed, the payment may be placed on hold or the amount of the payment may be returned to your account. Similarly, if you have insufficient funds in your accounts or the payment is otherwise prohibited by the terms of these Terms and Conditions, the payment may not be completed. An email alert will be sent notifying you of the error.

Restricted Payments. Certain payments through People Pay are prohibited.  You may not use the People Pay service for payments:

  1. To or from a prohibited jurisdiction;
  2. That violate any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation;
  3. That relate to gambling, gaming, other activity with an entry fee and a prize, game of skill, lottery or sweepstakes;
  4. That relate to drugs, other controlled substances, firearms or other weapons;
  5. For goods or services that facilitate others to engage in illegal activity, that constitute pornography or that promote hate, violence or racial intolerance;
  6. That relate pyramid or Ponzi schemes, matrix programs or multi-level marketing programs;
  7. Associated with purchases of real property, annuities, lottery contracts, lay-away systems, off-shore banking transactions;
  8. To finance or refinance debts funded by a credit card;
  9. For credit repair or debt settlement services;
  10. Made to Federal or any State tax authorities or other government agencies, organizations or institutions;
  11. Made under any court directed payments plan (Alimony, child support, municipal fines or violations, levies, or other legal debts); or
  12. Made at the direction of any government agencies, organizations or institutions.

AmBank strictly prohibits use of the People Pay service for any payroll processing, payroll transfers or "money service business" activities. 

Insufficient Funds. You will reimburse us immediately upon demand for any transaction amount delivered for which your account does not contain sufficient funds. In addition, you will reimburse us for any fees or costs we incur in attempting to collect any amounts from you. We are authorized to report the return of a transaction to any credit reporting agency. 

In Case Of Errors Or Questions About Your Electronic Transfers Or Payments. Notify us as soon as you can via one of the following:

  1. Call us at 1-877-626-2265  ext 6524, Monday thru Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central Time Monday through Friday.
  2. Send us an email using the Online Banking application’s e-messaging feature.
  3. Write us at: AMERICAN BANK AND TRUST COMPANY, N.A., Attn: eBanking Services Department, 4301 E. 53rd Street, Davenport, IA  52807-3861.

Additional information regarding your responsibilities and potential liability for unauthorized transfers is contained in the Agreement under “Unauthorized Transfers” and “Error Resolution Notice.” 

Fees. By using People Pay, you authorize us to deduct the fees associated with a transaction from your Designated Account even if they create an overdraft.  We will charge a fee of $1.00 for every payment made through People Pay but may waive or reduce this fee under certain conditions in our discretion. The use of third-party services (for example, PayPal™) may result in a fee being applied by the third-party vendor to any transferred funds. Such fees are governed by any agreements and disclosures provided by the applicable third-party vendor. You are responsible for any such fee in addition to any fee charged by us.  Your total fees may vary based on the type of payment that will be sent and will be presented for your approval when you submit the payment.  Recipients also may be subject to fees applied by third-party vendors. 

Computer Requirements.  General requirements for using People Pay via your computer are the same as for other online internet banking services and are described in the Agreement.  In addition, use of People Pay requires your computer to set a secure "session cookie". If you otherwise restrict use of session-cookies on your computer, you may not be able to utilize all People Pay services. If you do not allow pop-up windows to occur while using People Pay, you may not be able to utilize all People Pay services or access certain features. 

Proprietary Rights. You acknowledge and agree that we and parties within whom we have contracted own all rights in and to the People Pay service. As such, you understand that you are only allowed to use People Pay in the manner designated by these Terms and Conditions.  

Amendment. We have the right to change these Terms and Conditions, or our fees associated with People Pay, at any time by notice mailed to you at the last address shown for your account on our records, by posting notice in our branch offices or online, or as otherwise permitted by law.  

Termination. Access to the People Pay service may be suspended or terminated at our discretion at any time. Cancelation of the People Pay service is not required as it is a service provided through our Online Banking connection. However, should you cancel your Online Banking through us, you will also disconnect any ability to continue making payments through the People Pay service. 


Effective: September 23, 2016