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Customized Employee Benefit Plans / 401k Services

Introducing Lifetrack
New solutions for your employee retirement plan


American Bank & Trust Company offers a daily valuation retirement program in partnership with Federated Investors. Federated is one of the nation's ten largest mutual fund families and service companies, with over $180 billion under management, and a long history of working with banks and trust companies around the U.S. American Bank & Trust Company can deliver leading edge technology with all the "bells and whistles" our clients are looking for, but with the same local and personalized service they expect from us as their plan trustee.



Daily valuation technology

  • 24-hour Internet access
  • 24-hour 800 number access
  • 24-hour plan sponsor web site
  • Web- based employee education support through Morningstar ClearFuturestm


Lifetrack delivers timely investing of contributions, reduced turnaround for statements and automation of numerous tasks to simplify the role of Human Resources.


Diverse lineup of mutual funds

Many plan sponsors are surprised to find out that when it comes to investment offerings, all providers aren't equal. Sponsors need to pay careful attention to make sure their plan is being offered true mutual funds, and that total expenses of the funds are reasonable. Full disclosure of fees and "clean" investment products are one of the most compelling aspects of our program. We offer a lineup of over 50 industry leading funds, covering the full gamut of equity, international, fixed income and stable value products. The end result is flexibility and choice for you as a plan sponsor, with a competitive lineup of institutionally-priced retirement funds for your plan participants.


Thorough, ongoing education

Providing the best retirement plan services is essentially meaningless if your employees don't appreciate the program or know how to use it effectively to save for retirement. Perhaps the most critical part of our role as plan trustee is to thoroughly educate your participants -at the outset and on an ongoing basis -about the plan and its provisions, investment basics, the mutual fund offerings, and how to use the technology. American Bank & Trust Company takes this job very seriously. And we believe that our local presence, combined with high quality education materials and a commitment to face-to-face interaction, translate into a winning solution for your plan.


7 Questions for Every 401K Plan Sponsor

If you can answer yes to each of these 7 questions you're probably satisfied with your plan. If, however, you answer no to any of these questions, you may want to contact one of our Trust advisors today. Please call us at (309)794-2846.


American Bank & Trust Company Your Current Vendor
Yes No Yes No
1. Does your plan offer voice response (800#) and Internet access for participants?
2. Do participants receive quarterly statements within 15 business days after quarter end?
3. Does your trustee provide fiduciary oversight including an Investment Policy Statement?
4. Does your trustee, insurance company or broker disclose mutual fund revenue sharing?
5. Do you have a formalized employee financial education strategy, such as Morningstar ClearFuture?
6. Are your mutual funds diversified by style, diversified by fund family and offer no-load and without back-in loads?
7. Are your employees are satisfied with the current plan?


Profiling Questions

If you answered no to any of the 7 Questions above, and can provide us with responses to the following Profiling Questions, we can determine a plan that best fits the needs of your business and your employees.

Do you have a retirement plan? _________ What type of plan? _________
Asset Size? _____________ Number of participants? ________________
Current Trustee? _____________________________________________
What funds are offered? _______________________________________
(obtain list if possible)
If you could change one thing about your current retirement plan, what would you change?