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AmBank Online Business eBanking / Cash Management

With American Bank & Trust Company's Business Internet Banking and Cash Management solutions, financial power, flexibility and convenience is literally at your fingertips. These Internet-based financial tools allow you to control payables, speed collections and to optimize your company's cash position like never before.


Cash Management is a powerful, yet flexible, business tool that is designed to decrease costs by reducing paper handling and by streamlining routine financial transactions to leave you with more time to drive your business. The platform also significantly increases your staff's productivity. Instead of waiting for month-end statements or spending valuable time researching and compiling information for balancing and reporting purposes, critical banking information is merely a few keystrokes away-any time day or night.


Cash Management Security

System Security

  • The platform uses 128-bit encryption to protect data during communications
  • Dual firewalls protect data from external breaches
  • Redundant back-up systems protect data from loss or damage


Platform Security

  • High-level control for multiple users
  • Strict password requirements
  • Controlled time-out features
  • Automatic lock-out after threshold of failed password attempts is met
  • Company-defined internal approval parameters for ACH, Wire Transfers and Tax Payments
  • Company-defined threshold limit capabilities by individual user for ACH and wire transfers
  • Secure tokens


Cash Management gives your business the financial edge it needs to succeed…


Platform Functionality

  • Balance reporting for deposit accounts.
  • View intraday and previous day balance and transactions.
  • Check image display detailing check reference items. Also able to view, zoom, rotate, flip and print check image.
  • Output to Quicken®, QuickBooks®, BAI® Version 2, .CSV and .QIF formats available.
Stop Payment Requests
  • Create a single check or a range of checks for stop payment.
  • Real-time placement for stop payment.
  • 45-day history of stop payment requests.
  • Confirmation provided for successful stop payments.
Bill Payment
  • Pay anyone in the United States.
  • One checking account is selected for all payments.
  • Make payments 364 days a year.
  • Payees are retained for future payments.
  • Payments can be scheduled up to 9:30 PM Central Time on the day prior to the effective date.
Express Transfer
  • One account to one account internal transfer.
  • Same day transfers.
  • Transfers are real-time balance checked.
  • Your organization may limit users by service & combined service limit.
Book Transfer
  • One account to many accounts or many accounts to one account internal transfer.
  • Business customer creates templates to save for future use.
  • Transfers are real time balance checked.
  • Your organization may limit users by service and combined service limit.
Loan Reporting
  • Summary and detail loan reporting for loan and line of credit accounts. (Reporting is at the note and commitment level.)
  • Pay down loans and line of credit loans.
  • Draw/advance on line of credit loans.
Wire Transfer Requests
  • One-time, free form wire transfers on an as-needed basis.
  • Movement of funds from a previously defined account at the financial organization.
  • Repetitive wire transfer file transmissions.
  • History reporting of all transactions.
ACH Origination
  • ACH tool for ACH Pre-Authorized Payments & Deposits ("PPD" entry class) and tax payment origination.
  • Unlimited transactions with template setup.
  • Commonly used for direct deposit payroll & vendor payments, concentration of funds, premiums / dues collections and direct payment of taxes.
  • Separate entitlement for entry and transmission for each user.
File Upload
  • ACH formatted for origination. Pass through NACHA standard format files from your internal or third-party platform payroll, accounts payable or accounts receivable systems.
  • Checks issued file for Account Reconciliation or Positive Pay.
  • History reporting on all files imported.
Positive Pay
  • Ability to manage check fraud through Exception reporting.
  • History reporting on the Exception files.
Account Reconciliation
  • Full - Determination of Paids & Outstandings on issued checks.
  • Partial - Listing of Paid Checks Only.
  • Deposit - Tracking by Source (Company, Department or Store).
File Download
  • Reconciliation of Paid Check File.
  • Statement File.


You get all of this for a very reasonable monthly fee.  For more information, contact Tom Tobin, eBusiness Services Specialist, at or (309) 732-5079.