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Virtual Teller™ Remote Deposit Capture



Virtual Teller™ Remote Deposit Capture Overview/Benefits

What is Virtual Teller™ Remote Deposit Capture?


Virtual Teller™ remote deposit capture is a solution that allows you to capture, validate, and transmit your deposits from the comfort of your office. It reads the amount on each check you scan and balances the total for a deposit slip that you also scan. The images, deposit information, and MICR information are then electronically delivered to your bank over a secure Internet connection. This eliminates the need to physically process a deposit at your bank and may reduce the total time required to clear your checks.


What are the benefits? 


  • Reduce or eliminate courier/non-courier costs
  • Reduce fraud
  • Reduce posting errors
  • Decrease need to maintain multiple banking relationships
  • Reduce time to research checks and deposits
  • Extended same-day processing window
  • Improve availability of funds
  • Reduce document loss
  • Make deposits at your convenience


Getting Started

How does Virtual Teller™ Remote Deposit Capture work?


Using a Personal Computer (PC), scanner, and an Internet connection, daily checks received at your business can be scanned and sent electronically for deposit to American Bank and Trust Company. Specifically, as checks are received and batched at your business, an operator logs in to Virtual Teller™ and turns on the scanner. The operator places a deposit slip and the batch of checks into the check scanner feeder and clicks the “Capture Items” button. As the system captures the checks, it creates check images, validates image quality, determines the check amount, verifies the routing/transit number, analyzes the check data to determine possible duplication, and determines if the check is a foreign item. Following the capture of the items, the operator is prompted to key in any checks that were unable to be read. Following the item correction, the batch is then balanced by either rescanning, deleting, or inserting items, rescanning the deposit slip, or by fixing the deposit totals. Once the batch is balanced with the control totals it can be submitted electronically to the bank. Checks you transmit can be stored on your computer for a fixed period of time for research purposes. The check images received at American Bank and Trust Company can be processed electronically, or an Image Replacement Document (IRD) is printed and sent to the paying bank.



What are the Virtual Teller™ hardware/software requirements?


Software: Virtual Teller™ Send Point Remote Deposit Capture Software
Communications: Broadband Internet access or equivalent
PC: Pentium4-3 GHz Processor
512 MB RAM
40 GB Hard Drive
USB 2.0
Note: PC must be configured to a printer for deposit receipts
(PC and printer do not need to be dedicated)
OS: Microsoft® Windows XP SP 3
Microsoft® Windows Vista SP 2
Microsoft® Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)
Browser: Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 7.0 or greater


How long does a merchant setup take?


A merchant setup at American Bank and Trust Company takes as little as seven to ten business days. Setup of the scanner and PC, as well as user setup, can occur within several minutes. Once user setup is complete, you can begin capturing checks.


What training is offered?


The software/scanner installation kit includes installation instructions, user documentation, self-paced training, a training guide, technical requirements, a “Read Me First” guide, an operator reference card, a scanner operator training CD, a scanner operator manual, installation and service tips, and a warranty sheet.


How are software updates deployed?


Software updates are deployed over the Internet using Microsoft’s One Click Deployment. Scanner driver updates will also be required but are distributed via Microsoft Installer packages that can be delivered via the Internet, e-mail, or other media.


System Functionality

Are the transmissions of batches secure?


All transmissions are secured using SSL encryption.


Does the application scan in front/back of each check image?


Yes. With a single pass through the scanner, the front and back of the check are image captured at the same time CAR/LAR, DREAM, IQA/IQU, Duplicate Detection, and MICR processes are completed, information is read, and routing transit numbers are validated.


Does the application perform real-time R&T check digit validation?


Yes. The application only allows valid U.S. transit routing numbers to be captured, as foreign transit routing numbers and non-valid U.S. transit routing numbers are rejected immediately by the application. For invalid numbers, users are notified that the items should be removed because they cannot be included with the deposit.


Does the application read coupons and/or associated documents?


Yes. Analysis of the merchant requirements by American Bank and Trust Company would be required to validate that the coupons and/or associated documents could be read by the scanner, based on the MICR or OCR information included on the documents.


Does the application allow the user to enter any additional user-defined fields as complimentary transaction information?


Yes. The system allows for user-defined fields with varying lengths at either the Deposit or Item level. This functionality will require detailed analysis for setup and configuration.


Are there different levels of user access available?


Users have access to perform different functions within the system based on the User Profile. For example, some users may be able to capture and correct items, but not actually submit the deposit to American Bank and Trust Company. Capture Items, Balance Deposit, Reports, Change Account Descriptions, Research Date, and System Administration are just a few of the examples of privileges that can be granted to individual users. 


Does the application read and interpret check amounts with ICR/confidence-level criteria, and prompt the user to enter check amounts for items not within specified confidence levels?


The application utilizes CAR/LAR technology to attempt to read the amounts off checks. If the amounts can not be read, the items are sent to a queue that the user is prompted to key.


Does the application generate a batch receipt by e-mail which contains all transactions within one batch of work and the associated amounts of each check?


Utilizing the Thin Client, a batch receipt or deposit recap report will be available via the Internet. Utilizing the Smart Client, a batch receipt or deposit recap is available locally at the Merchant PC and via the Internet. A notification e-mail will be sent to the merchant customer that will contain basic information about the deposit, total number of items, total amount of the deposit, and a masked account number. The specific check items are not included in the e-mail for security purposes.


Support / Learn More Information

What are the hours of support?


American Bank and Trust Company will provide support during the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM (Central Time). The phone number to call for support issues is (309) 732-5079. You may also e-mail Tom Tobin at for support questions, issues or to learn more information about Virtual Teller remote deposit capture.


What type of support is provided?


American Bank and Trust Company will work with clients to resolve hardware and software issues.         Typical software issues will be resolved within the first several hours following the issue being reported, with many issues being resolved during the first contact.