With American Bank and Trust Company, N.A. Business Digital Banking and Cash Management solutions, financial power, flexibility and convenience are at your fingertips. These financial tools allow you to control payables, speed collections and optimize your company's cash position like never before.

Cash Management is a powerful, yet flexible, business tool that is designed to decrease costs by reducing paper handling and by streamlining routine financial transactions to leave you with more time to grow your business. 

Platform Functionality

  • Reporting
  • Bill Payment
  • Wire Transfer Requests
  • ACH Origination

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is a solution that allows you to capture, validate, and transmit your deposits from the comfort of your office. It reads the amount on each check you scan and balances the total for a deposit slip that you also scan. The images, deposit information, and MICR information are then electronically delivered to your bank over a secure Internet connection. This eliminates the need to physically process a deposit at your bank and may reduce the total time required to clear your checks.

Ready to Enroll?

Complete the fillable RDC/Business Digital Banking (BDS) Enrollment Form, Remote Deposit Capture Agreement or the Business Digital Banking Agreement here. 


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