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Information Security



Our Security Procedures. We restrict access to nonpublic personal information about you to those employees who need to know that information to provide products or services to you. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to guard your nonpublic personal information.



E-mail Communications. Please be aware that using ordinary e-mail communications to originate a message to us is a form of insecure electronic communication. We will not be held liable for the possible inappropriate use of information sent by e-mail over the Internet. Due to unknown third-parties' usual involvement in the routing and transmittal of ordinary unencrypted e-mail, our Privacy Policy shall not apply to the extent that e-mail passes beyond the electronic communications network we administer. Personal information (account numbers, identification numbers, etc.) considered to be confidential by a user of these electronic services should not be included in the unencrypted content of e-mails addressed to us. Usually First Class Mail, phone conversations with a known bank associate, or personal visits to our nearest office are better alternatives when communicating with us about sensitive matters. You can also use our encrypted Internet messaging service within our Online Banking suite to safely convey sensitive information and instructions to us.



We want you to know!  American Bank and Trust Company, N.A. follows a business practice of never initiating a request for non-public information via a voice phone call or by sending you an email message, a facsimile (“fax”) transmission, and/or a text message.  The Bank will never send you an electronic message with an embedded link for you to “click on” (select) to respond with non-public confidential information, such as a social security number, account number, birth date, User ID information, password, etc.  When pointing your Internet browser to the Bank’s website at you agree to be reasonably prudent and confirm the web site you have accessed is and not a third-party website with a similar, but different, website address.  You agree that if you ever have any doubts or suspicion about the authenticity of a communication you receive that is purporting to originate from American Bank and Trust Company, N.A., you will seek independent confirmation of the message by contacting a branch manager or one of our officers familiar to you at the Bank via a personal on-site visit to a Bank office or through a different communications channel, such as the secure messaging service within your Internet online e-banking subscription with us or by calling our Client Services department directly at 563-441-6524 or toll-free at 877-626-2265, ext. 6524 during weekday and Saturday morning Central Time zone office hours. 



Electronic Access Privacy. When you access our Online Banking services, a small file commonly referred to as a "cookie" may be stored on the electronic device you use when communicating with us through the Internet. Through an automatic monitoring program, we may keep track of how often visits are made to our Web Site and/or Online Banking services, the date and time of each visit, and the pages accessed within the visited domain site. Neither the cookie file nor the monitoring procedures provide us with any personal information about you.




Electronic Security. We assign a unique User ID and require the use of a Personal Identification Number ("PIN") or password, which must be periodically changed by you, when permitting electronic access to your non-public information. You are expected to keep your PINs and passwords a secret to avoid compromising the security measures intended to prevent unauthorized information disclosures. We have instructed our personnel to never ask you for your PIN or password when providing service. Our service departments and third-party technical support vendors use a variety of electronic safeguards, such as electronic firewalls, to provide reasonable assurances concerning the integrity and security of all your non-public information.




Evaluate Your Internet Browser and Network Security. Please be aware of your responsibilities to initially evaluate and regularly review the security settings of your electronic devices at home and work, as well as the security settings and safeguard hardware or software associated with third-party provided electronic devices you may use to electronically conduct business through the Internet or other communication channels with us. Promptly adopt publicly available best practices associated with consumers, businesses, and organizations using electronic equipment interfaced to the Internet and other public communication channels, such as confirming you are using the most recent version release of an Internet browser application and that the Internet browser security options are adjusted to the optimum settings for your particular circumstances of use. Use up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware software applications to regularly check your own electronic device(s) and network(s) for the presence and quarantine of viruses and/or malware, which are often designed by domestic and international fraudsters with the intent to perform unauthorized keystroke logging of your data entry through electronic devices or capture your non-public information and passwords. If you own or administer a wired or wireless network in your home or office, ensure that it is also protected with an adequate firewall to prevent unauthorized activity and/or intrusions. Change your security passwords and/or passphrases regularly, and choose unique passwords and/or passphrases for each Internet web site you access to conduct transactions containing your confidential, non-public and sensitive information for personal and business purposes.