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Mobile Banking FAQ


Consumer Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQ’s)



General Questions


What is American Bank and Trust Company’s AmBank Mobile. service?


American Bank and Trust Company’s AmBank Mobile. service is an easy way to access eligible American Bank and Trust Company accounts from anywhere, at any time, using your mobile phone. You can use our "App" to view your account balances and activity, transfer money between accounts or pay bills. You can also text us to receive up-to-date balance information.


What accounts can I access with American Bank and Trust Company’s AmBank Mobile.?


You can access the same information from your American Bank and Trust Company Consumer Internet Banking profile.  You must enroll for Consumer Internet Banking to be able to have Mobile Banking.


Should I have a certain mobile carrier or phone to use AmBank Mobile.?


The short answer is no. Because our App can be downloaded to the phone, you do not need to worry about carrier or model limitations. All you need is a mobile Internet connection. Similarly, if you have text messaging enabled on your phone, you can text for your balance regardless of what carrier or phone you have.


Is American Bank and Trust Company’s AmBank Mobile. secure?


Yes. Our Bank’s technology services vendor worked with some of the foremost banking security companies in the world to provide commercially available security safeguards. AmBank Mobile. keeps your personal information safe and secure with the following features:


  • We offer a secure online registration Web site.


  • No personal or sensitive information, such as account numbers or passcodes, will ever be stored on your mobile phone.


  • You enter a unique activation code for the App.


  • AmBank Mobile. uses multiple levels of encryption to protect your personal data, including your unique passcode.


  • The App identifies your phone each time you conduct a mobile transaction.


How much does AmBank Mobile. cost?


American Bank and Trust Company is providing AmBank Mobile. as a complimentary service to further enhance the advantages and convenience of using the Bank’s debit cards and deposit account services. However, your mobile phone carrier may charge a fee for data access or text message capabilities provided to your mobile phone. Depending upon the mobile phone subscription plan you have with your mobile carrier, you may incur fixed and/or variable charges on your periodic mobile phone billing statement. For details about these possible charges, please check with your mobile carrier.


Registration/Activation Questions


How do I get started using American Bank and Trust Company’s AmBank Mobile.?


Android Instructions


iPhone Instructions


Usage Questions


How do I access the AmBank Mobile. App on my phone?


If you downloaded the App to your phone, you can open American Bank and Trust Company’s AmBank Mobile. service by selecting it from your mobile phone's application or games menu.


Can significant others access a joint account from two different mobile phones?


Yes. Two people can have access to the same joint account number via their individual mobile phones. Both people, however, will need to sign up separately.


Support Questions


Will someone have access to my account if my phone is lost or stolen?


If you only use our balance inquiry text message service, no personal or sensitive information is stored on your phone, and you are protected from fraudulent use. We recommend that you always report the loss of a mobile phone to your mobile carrier as soon as possible and stop carrier service to your lost or stolen mobile phone.  We also recommend placing a password or code on your mobile device.


Do I need to notify American Bank and Trust Company if I lost my mobile phone?


No. Report the loss to your mobile carrier to stop service to your phone. If your original phone number is retained after you receive a new phone, you will need to download our App again. Your existing passcode will continue to work. If you are issued a new phone number, you will need to repeat the registration/activation process.


Whom do I contact if I need help?


To get help in person, visit the nearest Illinois or Iowa office of American Bank and Trust Company during regular business hours. Our locations and service hours are listed for your convenience on our website at


To get help by phone, call our Client Services department toll-free at 1-877-626-2265, ext. 6524.  Client Services staff are personally available Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm; and Saturday, 8:30 am - 12:00 pm.

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