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Our goal is to make your mortgage experience as easy, affordable, and rewarding as possible.  Whether it’s your first home, a new home or your dream home, our Mortgage Originators are available and ready to assist you with a smart home loan strategy that’s designed for your specific needs.

John Cook
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Davenport Branch
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Craig Longenecker
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Davenport Branch
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Holly Loussaert
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Davenport Branch
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Bill Muehlbauer
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Rock Island Branch
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Gene Weis
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Moline Branch
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Jason Hutchison
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Moline Branch
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Anita Adams
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Hilltop Branch
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Diane Overstreet
NMLS #509196
Hilltop Branch
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Cheryl Bean-Dasso
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Moline Branch
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Chuck Sorensen
Senior Vice President – Mortgage
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Phone (563) 344-5656
Fax (309) 732-5022
Cell (319) 330-7026
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