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The American Dream is simple: to live in your own home. Achieving said dream, however, is anything but simple. With finances and other factors to consider, buying your first or a new home can be difficult. But you don’t have to just dream.

Make it happen with American Bank & Trust.

We make sure your home loan application is seamless. Our goal is to make your mortgage experience as easy, affordable, and rewarding as possible.  Whether it’s your first home, a new home or your dream home, our Mortgage Originators are available and ready to assist you with a smart home loan strategy that’s designed for your specific needs.


Savings Option

Not ready to start, but want to begin saving for your first home? We can help with that too! Our First Time Home Buyer's Savings Account is a tax-advantaged, interest bearing option to help make you a homeowner.  You can do this, Together we can make it easier. 

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