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Deluxe Check Reorder

Saving at American Bank & Trust

When it comes to saving, American Bank & Trust is full of bright ideas

You've got a plan for the future, and we've got a plan for you. No matter what you're
saving for, we have the perfect savings plan to match your needs.

Certificates of Deposit

CDs are safe investments insured against loss, with competitive rates and low maintenance.

Interest accrues daily and is compounded and paid semiannually for terms longer than six months. You may reinvest interest, transfer the amount to our savings or checking account or choose to receive a check.


  • Minimum opening balance is $500.00; Minimum IRA opening balance is $250.00
  • Interest rates are competitive and fixed for the term of the CD
  • Variety of terms to fit your needs


You will receive a notice prior to maturity. Certificates automatically renew for the same term at current market rates, unless you choose a new one. You may withdraw funds without penalty up to 10 days after your certificate has been renewed.


For further information, simply go to the Contact Us tab.


Substantial Penalty and Administrative Fee charged for Early Withdrawal.
Full FDIC Insurance Coverage on CD Investments up to $50 Million per depositor is now available through the CDARS® Program offered by American Bank and Trust Company. One Bank…One Competitive Interest Rate for your deposit…One Monthly Statement. Click here for more information on the CDARS® Program.