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Saving at American Bank & Trust

When it comes to saving, American Bank & Trust is full of bright ideas

You've got a plan for the future, and we've got a plan for you. No matter what you're
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What is PCS?

Private Client Services or Private Banking is a highly personalized, unique, special approach reserved for customers who desire a personal concierge for their business. Working in conjunction with your attorney, accountant, insurance provider and financial planner, we will assign a team of PCS associates to manage your banking relationship to your level of interaction and satisfaction.


Our intention to build your trust is in our mission: to be your wealth advocate and to be accountable to you. You are our priority. We are served by serving you.


Most banks that provide a fraction of our PCS capabilities usually have minimum relationship requirements of $10M - or more - and still are not taking a fully fiduciary role and putting your interests in front of their own. In addition, they usually have proprietary or standardized products and services they are trying to sell, which may not be the best solution available in the market place for your particular needs.


Our PCS capabilities do not limit you with any minimums or proprietary solutions or investments that may not best fulfill your individual goals. We always place your financial interests first. Our services are offered to you on a "by invitation only" basis. We are frugal and respectful when it comes to your hard-earned wealth. Most importantly, we have no problem supporting and looking after your best interest while keeping your assets where they currently reside. We respect our client's objectives when they seek us through PCS to oversee their existing environment and give them unbiased advice, oversight and verify they are "being served" well.


To find out more details regarding our unique PCS offerings, contact Ajay Singh, Executive Vice President, at 1-877-626-2265, ext. 6558 or via e-mail at