Debit Cards

It's an ATM Card and a Check all in one! Use our Visa® Debit Card at thousands of ATM locations or wherever Visa® Debit Cards are accepted worldwide as a form of payment.


Make purchases with available funds from your checking account without writing a check! Use our Visa® Debit Card to make routine purchases at the grocery store, gas station or the mall.

Your Visa® Debit Card is also your ATM card. You can use it at any Automated Teller Machine (ATM) where you see the Visa®, SHAZAM®, PLUS®, CIRRUS®, STAR® or NYCE® symbols. Think of it as your ATM card and checkbook rolled into one.

Use our Visa® Debit Card for everyday purchases. You will discover it's much more valuable than an ATM card:

It's easy. It's convenient. And it's accepted everywhere Visa® Debit Cards are accepted.

Once you try our Visa® Debit Card, you'll never go back to carrying checks or cash!

Opt-In for Peace of Mind

When you have an overdraft as result of a debit card or ATM transaction, American Bank & Trust may cover the shortfall and approve the transaction, charging you an overdraft fee. As an existing American Bank & Trust checking customer, we need your permission to “opt in” before covering ATM and one-time debit transactions when the funds are not available.

At American Bank & Trust, we are giving you the option to choose to have these transactions considered for payment.  Is “Opting In” the right choice for you? We want to ensure our customers make fully informed decisions about their American Bank & Trust accounts. If you have any questions, please contact your local branch office.

If you are an existing American Bank & Trust personal checking customer and would like to “Opt In” online, please complete our opt-in form here or visit your local branch office.

**We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction.

**If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft, your transaction will be declined.

It's Safe and Secure

Why risk carrying excess cash? Since our Visa® Debit Card is the same size as an ATM card or credit card, it's easy to carry. And, it's much safer than carrying cash. If your Visa® Debit Card is lost, stolen or used fraudulently, you’re protected by the Visa® Zero Liability Provision.

Alerts powered by Visa®

Help reduce fraud and monitor your spending anytime, anywhere with complimentary security Alerts from American Bank & Trust powered by Visa.  This unique service is available free for American Bank and Trust’s Visa Debit cardholders!

You’ll receive an alert through text message, email or both.  If there is fraudulent activity, you can find out within minutes and act quickly to resolve the situation.

You can choose to receive alerts when your Visa Debit Card is used for purchases over a specified amount, online transactions, purchases outside the United States, and more.  

Click here to sign up today for Alerts from American Bank & Trust powered by Visa. You will need your American Bank & Trust Visa Debit Card number and the ability to receive a mobile phone text message and/or email.  

Disclosure: Actual time to receive Alerts powered by Visa dependent on wireless service and coverage within area. Alerts service may not be available in all areas. Gasoline alerts may not include purchase amount. Account activity qualifying for Alert service may vary by issuer. Additional restrictions apply. 

Apply Today!

The application process is fast and easy. Just ask for and complete Visa® Debit Card application at any of our locations. If your application is approved, you should receive your Visa® Debit Card and Personal Identification Number (PIN) within ten business days.

You must have an American Bank & Trust checking account to have our Visa® Debit Card. 


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