iPhone Mobile Phone Instructions

TIP: Before enrolling through your mobile phone, we recommend you visit our Bank’s website www.ambankqc.com using your home or office personal computer. Log in to Consumer eBanking, and enter the Mobile Banking Center to register for Mobile Banking and receive and activation code, which you will use when activating AmBank Mobile on your mobile phone. Text Banking is another optional service you can elect to subscribe to while visiting the Mobile Banking Center within Consumer eBanking. American Bank and Trust’s Consumer eBanking, Bill Payment, Mobile Banking and Text Banking are all free services offered to our customers. You are responsible for only the communication charges associated with the carrier network plan you have elected to use.

To Download Application

1. Point your mobile phone’s internet browser to the iTunes Store
2. Look up AmBank Mobile. (The new version has a period following Mobile)
3. Select Install
4. Locate app on your iPhone


1. Click on the app from your iPhone phone
2. You will see the activation screen where it will give you two options:
    A. I have One (activation code)
    B. I need one (activation code)
3. If you do not have the code you will need to select “I need one”, which will prompt your mobile phone’s browser to route you to the login website for Consumer eBanking.
4. Enter activation code
5. Enter your mobile phone number
6. Click the submit button
7. The next screen will tell you that your mobile banking has been activated
8. Hit Next
9. Choose an option such as view accounts to prompt the appearance of the login screen.
10. Login screen will appear and you will need to enter your online banking ID & password. This is the same ID and password you have used to enter Consumer eBanking.

iPhone Security

Protect your privacy! If you haven’t already done so visit Security Settings area of your mobile phone and set up a self-selected security passcode to unlock access to your mobile phone whenever it is powered on or after a period of no user activity. This precaution to help enforce Information Security is required in the Terms and Conditions when enrolling in AmBank Mobile.