Frequently Asked Questions for Consumers:

Q: When will the system conversion take place?

A: The system conversion will take place beginning Friday, June 14th, at 5:00 p.m. We anticipate all normal activity will resume Monday, June 17th.

NOTE: Please check back for specific times on when mobile and online banking will be back online for access.

Q: Will I have to set up a new username or password?

A: There will be no change to your user id or password for either online or mobile banking the first time you access the systems, however, you will have to go through an authentication process the first time you log in to the new modules, which will include setting a new password and setting new security answers.

 Q: Will I still have access to the existing mobile banking app?

A: You will need to download a new mobile app. The new mobile application will be available starting on June 17, 2019 and will be accessible via the app store installed on your mobile device.

Q: Will my current debit card still work?

A: Existing debit cards will not work after June 16th. We will be issuing new debit cards to all customers prior to June 17, 2019. NOTE: The new debit cards are to be activated on or after June 17, 2019. The new debit cards will include the phone number to call to activate the card.

*Effective June 17, 2019, Kane County cardholders will no longer be refunded ATM surcharges at foreign ATMs. Please stay tuned for an announcement regarding surcharge free ATMs later this year. (call out this last sentence if possible.)

Q: Will the recurring transactions set up with my old debit card still work?

A: Any recurring payments that are set up on current debit cards will have to be re-established to include the newly issued debit card information.

Q: Will there be any change to my debit card information stored in my mobile wallet?

A: If your old debit card information is stored in mobile wallet, it will have to be updated to include the new debit card. This update can be completed once the new debit card is activated, which can be done or after June 17th.

Q: Will I be receiving a replacement ATM card as well?

A: No. Existing ATM cards will continue to function as normal.

Q: My paycheck or Social Security check is direct deposited, what do I need to do?

A: Existing direct deposits will not be affected by the conversion as no changes are being made to the actual account number.

Q: Will I have to replace my existing checks?

A: Existing check stock can continue to be used as no changes are being made to the actual account number.

Q: Will all bank locations have regular hours during the conversion?

A: All bank locations will be closed on Saturday, June 15th and Sunday, June 16th. We will reopen at normal business hours on Monday, June 17th.

Q: How do I get help if I have questions after hours?

A: We will be offering extended hours beginning on Monday, June 17th. Phone calls made to (877) 392-5132 will be answered between the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. central time for a two-week period, including weekends but excluding the 4th of July holiday.

Q: How will fees and interest be assessed on my account during the conversion?

A: All interest bearing accounts will be paid interest through June 14, 2019. Also, no charges will be assessed to deposit accounts until June 30, 2019.

For all questions before June 17th, please contact your local branch. For locations and hours, please visit

Please continue to check back for more information as it becomes available.
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