Relationship Packaging

American Bank & Trust is proud to offer a tiered packaging service to our consumer clients, which rewards customers who use multiple Bank products and services with preferential pricing and premium interest rates.

The Relationship Package is a systematic method used by the Bank to link an eligible “anchor” account to other eligible qualification and benefit accounts you have at the Bank. The aggregated balances of the eligible accounts, the activity in your anchor account, and additional add-on services you utilize are used to determine the level of benefits you will receive each month. Eligible clients will automatically be enrolled in the Relationship Package service in order to obtain the benefits described in this document.

How To Qualify

1 10 qualifying debit card transactions must post and settle during the evaluation period. Qualifying transactions include ATM/POS Signature and Pin transactions. See description of benefits evaluation period above.

2 5 ACH transactions must post and settle during the evaluation period. Scheduled payments that have not yet posted do not count toward the required transactions. See description of benefits evaluation period above.

3Consumer Deposit Balances would include any of the following: Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts,Money Market Accounts, HSAs, CDs, and IRA CDs

4Consumer Loan Balances would include any of the following: Car Loan, Personal Loan, Line of Credit, Home Equity Loan, Home Equity Line of Credit, Mortgages that stay on balance sheet (sold mortgages will not be able to be evaluated for balances).

Package Benefits

*The balance on the Anchor account for the current statement cycle must be zero or greater in order to receive a waiver of ATM Withdrawal fees at Non American Bank and Trust ATM locations and Incoming Wire fees (Foreign and Domestic) as shown in the table above. Accounts with a negative balance for the current statement cycle are not eligible for a waiver of these types of fees.

1Addendum to Certificate of Deposit (CD) Signature Card

This addendum amends the Additional Terms and Disclosures section of the Certificate of Deposit Signature Card you signed when you opened your CD. All CDs that meet the qualifying account ownership requirements as described earlier, including your regular CDs and Individual Retirement Account (IRA) CDs, are eligible for the bonus interest rate.

INTEREST: A bonus interest rate corresponding to your benefits tier will be added to the base interest rate disclosed on your CD at the time of opening. The bonus interest rate will accrue each day you are enrolled in a benefits tier corresponding to that bonus interest rate. If you no longer meet the qualifications for a benefits tier you qualified for in a previous evaluation period, you will receive the bonus interest rate corresponding to the benefits tier in that evaluation period. You will automatically be placed in the benefits tier you qualify for during the evaluation period. Although the bonus interest rate can vary depending on the benefits tier you qualify for in the evaluation period, your base interest rate will never fall below what is disclosed on your original CD.

EARLY WITHDRAWAL PENALTY: The early withdrawal penalties described for time deposits in general contained on your CD Signature Card shall apply. Early withdrawal penalties will be based on the average interest rate—including the base and any bonus interest rates—applied to your CD during the term.

2Addendum to Truth in Savings Disclosures

This addendum amends the Truth in Savings section of the Consumer Terms & Conditions brochure you were provided when you opened your savings account(s) and money market account(S). All savings and money market accounts that meet the qualifying account ownership requirements described earlier are eligible for the bonus interest rate.

3Excludes mortgage loans.

Terms & Conditions

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