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Richard G. Emery, CTFA
Vice President & Senior Trust Officer
(309) 732-5045 – Rock Island, IL
(563) 344-5655 – Davenport, IA

Richard G. Emery serves as Vice President and Senior Trust Officer for American Bank and Trust Company, N.A. in the Quad Cities. Mr. Emery earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business from Eastern Illinois University.  He also holds the Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA) designation. He brings over 37 years of administration experience in the areas of trusts, estates, guardianships and investment management agency relationships. He previously worked at Regions Bank and Commerce Bank. Mr. Emery is a member of the Friendship Manor Board of Trustees in Rock Island, Illinois. He is also involved with Rotary International.

Trista L. Foster, J.D., AAMS®
Vice President – Trust Officer
(309) 732-5047 – Rock Island, IL
(563) 344-5657 – Davenport, IA

Trista Foster, J.D. serves as a Vice President and Senior Trust Officer for American Bank and Trust Company, N.A. in the Quad Cities.  She has worked in investment management and trust services since 2013.  Prior to her banking experience, Trista worked as an attorney in the Quad Cities, licensed in both Iowa and Illinois, and concentrated her practice in the areas of estate planning, probate, trust administration, and taxation.  She graduated from St. Louis University with a B.A. in Political Science in 2004, and attained her Juris Doctorate degree with a concentration in taxation from St. Louis University in 2007.  Additionally, she holds the designation of Accredited Asset Management Specialist.  Trista is a member of the Scott County and Rock Island County Bar Associations, a board member for the Quad City Planned Giving Council, a member of the Nonprofit Capacity Building Grants Committee for the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend, a member of the Quad City Estate Planning Council, and a long time member of the Backwater Gamblers Water Ski Show Team.  Trista is also a proponent of charitable giving, and was named the Association of Fundraising Professional's 2017 Planned Giving Professional of the Year. 

Courtney Mueting
Trust Administrative Assistant 
(563) 344-5658 – Davenport, IA

Courtney is a Trust Administrative Assistant for American Bank and Trust Company, N.A. in the Quad Cities. She has over three years of banking experience. She attended Black Hawk College. She has volunteered for the Quad Cities Marathon, Hennepin Hustle and at her local church.

Types of Trust Services Offered

At American Bank & Trust, building and maintaining long-term relationships is the cornerstone of the services we provide through our Trust & Wealth Management division.  So, if you are looking for assistance with your investment or estate planning, we offer a broad range of services to help you manage your financial future.

Wealth Management

If you choose our wealth management services, you gain our investment experience and knowledge without sacrificing control over your investments.  One of our investment professionals will meet with you for an in-depth discussion of your present situation and investment objectives.  Together with you, we then develop an investment strategy for meeting those objectives. 

Once you settle on a strategy, we proceed to implement your personal investment program.

  • Buy and sell securities, following the strategy guidelines of your portfolio and relying on sound securities research and our well-defined investment philosophy. 
  • Keep you advised of all the transactions we make in your portfolio.
  • Keep complete records and report to you through periodic account and tax statements.
  • Hold all your securities for safekeeping and collect the income, distribution or reinvesting it as you instruct, as well as perform other custodial services for your account.

We will continue to regularly monitor your portfolio.  As current market conditions or your own circumstances require, we will make further investment decisions – always in line with your individual goals.

Trust Planning and Administration

American Bank & Trust specializes in personal trust services and has an excellent reputation among estate planning professionals.  Families rely upon our experience for a wide variety of services, including: 

Revocable Living Trusts

A revocable living trust provides professional asset management and continuous financial protection upon incapacity.  It also avoids probate in many states which means considerable savings in probate costs.

A living trust provides flexibility well beyond the selection of beneficiary, remainderman, trustee, term and assets for your trust.  The legal agreement that establishes your living trust allows you very wide latitude to custom design your trust to fit your individual objectives.

Because we act as your trustee rather than merely as your agent, you may arrange to have us take on broad responsibilities for managing your financial affairs.  From a practical standpoint, each trust client has just as much investment control as he or she wishes.  Typically, we provide professional management or investment guidance tailored to each client’s needs and preferences.  Some of our clients start off managing their trust investments themselves, reserving the right to delegate investment responsibilities to us in the future.  We will also work with outside investment managers, if you so choose. 

As Trustee, our role is clear.  We follow the client’s instructions as set forth in the written trust agreement, consistent with all applicable laws and fiduciary duties.


  • Professional full-time supervision of your invested funds.
  • Collection of income, recordkeeping and periodic reports.
  • Payment of bills and attention to your financial matters in the event of your incapacity.
  • Reduction in expenses relating to the settlement of your estate.
  • Freedom to change the provisions of your trust during your lifetime.

Irrevocable Asset Protection Trusts

Irrevocable asset protecting trusts may be established during life or through an estate plan.  The general purpose of such trusts is the protection of a gift or inheritance from misuse, waste, taxes, creditors or unintended beneficiaries.  The trust will be created to suit specific family goals or circumstances. 

As trustee of an asset protecting trust, it is our duty to keep the trust assets safe and prudently invested to accomplish the goals of the grantor.  It is also our duty to follow the terms of the trust agreement and the directions it provides concerning required distributions and discretionary distributions.  Our professional experience and training will ensure that the trust is invested appropriately for the intended use and that grantor’s directions and wishes are honored, for as long as the trust may last.  An asset protecting trust may turn a one time gift or inheritance into long-term financial security. 

Typical uses for Asset Protection Trusts include: 

  • Protection and management of assets for a surviving spouse.
  • Protection of assets from Estate and Inheritance Taxes.
  • Protection of assets for underage beneficiaries or beneficiaries with limited financial experience.
  • Protection from divisive family circumstances.
  • Long-term financial support for a beneficiary with limited additional financial means.
  • Protection of prized family assets like farmland or a business.

Special Needs Trusts

A special needs trust is a trust designed for beneficiaries who are disabled, either physically or mentally.  The trust agreement is written to allow the beneficiary to enjoy the use of property that is held in the trust for his or her benefit, while at the same time allowing the beneficiary to receive essential needs-based government benefits.  In addition to preserving the beneficiary’s access to public benefits, a special needs trust protects the assets of a beneficiary who cannot effectively manage his or her financial affairs.  As the trustee of a special needs trust, American Bank & Trust’s philosophy is to work as a team with the disabled beneficiary to provide him or her with as much independence as possible while protecting the assets for his or her future needs. 

Government programs such as Medicaid and Social Security help low-income disabled persons access essential medical and caregiver services.  Ownership of even modest amounts of property or income can disqualify you from such programs.  To address this problem, you can set up a special needs trust to preserve and manage your assets in a way that lets you (or your loved one) qualify for government assistance. 

Some of the benefits of a special needs trust include:

  • Preserve governmental benefits and protect assets
  • Protect and provide for the disabled individual.
  • Assets are not considered to be property of the beneficiary.

Charitable Trusts

There are many ways that a charitable trust may be established to accomplish the philanthropic and personal financial goals of the grantor.  There may also be substantial tax savings in the creation of a charitable trust.  The exact structure of the trust will depend upon the personal financial circumstances of the grantor, his or her family and their preferred charitable causes.

Some of the potential benefits of a charitable trust include: 

  • Providing short-term, long-term or perpetual financial support to your favorite charities.
  • Potential income tax savings.
  • Potential avoidance of capital gains taxes.
  • The ability to convert unproductive assets to productive assets generating increased cash flow. 
  • Protection of assets from Estate and Inheritance Taxes.

Guardianships and Conservatorships

A Guardian of the Estate (in Illinois) or a Conservator (in Iowa) is a legal relationship created in a will or by order of the court to take care of the financial needs of a minor child or a disabled adult (the “ward”).

A guardianship or conservatorship is needed when a person is unable to make and communicate responsible decisions regarding his personal care or finances due to a mental, physical or developmental disability.

The guardian or conservator has all the financial powers and authorities of the person for whom he or she is serving, including the right to sue or defend a claim at law, the right to enforce and enter into contracts, and the right to buy, sell or otherwise manage assets, all on behalf of the ward. 

The Responsibilities of a Guardian or Conservator:


Estate Planning and Administration

American Bank & Trust will work with your legal advisors to help you manage your estate for the benefit of you and your heirs, both during and after your lifetime.  Estate planning requires taking into account a number of interests, including personal values, family needs, asset types and amounts, and in many cases, charitable interests.

In planning and administering your estate, we consider economic conditions, tax consequences, medical issues, business situations, and your unique personal factors in making decisions and taking actions to best meet your needs and your family’s needs.

We provide specialized skills in all phases of estate administration and our fees for estate settlement are no greater than the amount that inexperienced individuals might be able to receive.  Our role can be tailored to meet the needs of the situation.  We have experience in all aspects of estate administration allowing us to have the estate settled in a timely manner. 

American Bank & Trust can serve as either Executor or as agent for the Executor.  If we serve as agent, we will assist the Executor with the timely duties of gathering, preserving and distributing assets in accordance with the terms of the will. 

Our Services Include:

  • Collection of all the assets of the Estate.
  • Service of the proper legal notices.
  • Payment of the final debts of the decedent.
  • Preparation and filing of any estate or income tax returns.
  • Making final distribution of the assets of the Estate.

Retirement Planning and Administration

Our investment and retirement specialists bring your personal investment and retirement objectives together to help you meet one single objective – the attainment of your financial goals.  Having American Bank & Trust manage your IRA or Roth IRA, either during your working years or after retirement can help you financially afford the retirement lifestyle you desire. 

It is important to start planning for retirement as early as possible in your career.  The ability of your funds to enjoy compound growth over time will allow you to afford retirement at an earlier age.  As you approach retirement age, planning is even more important because your retirement funds will now need to be used to replace some of your earned income.  Some changes in the investment strategy for your IRA may be necessary to assure your needed cash flow.  This is a very important time to work with experienced and qualified advisors like the Trust professional at American Bank & Trust.  

Why Choose American Bank & Trust Wealth Management?

Sensibility.  Our Trust & Wealth Management Division staff consists of experienced money managers, not commissioned sales people. We are a fiduciary, which requires us to always put our clients’ interests first, with undivided attention, loyalty and duty. Further, our business practices are monitored and examined regularly by financial and compliance auditors who consistently award us with the highest procedural and safety ratings available.

Stability.  We utilize a consensus of the best minds, models and strategies in the industry along with a collaborative team approach for investing. Our Trust Officers have a combined total of more than 100 years of experience in the financial industry. 

Solutions.  We do not sell “products”, nor do we offer proprietary funds. We select from a range of investment companies by applying a rigorous screening tool to help locate top funds for diversification. We do not underwrite equities or bonds and sell them to our clients. We do not receive commissions for buying or selling securities in our clients’ accounts, nor do we receive compensation for recommending one security over another. Therefore, we can remain completely unbiased. We have lower trading costs for individual clients than the average broker, and we’re able to apply institutional trading rates which enhance total returns. In short, we examine the total picture – from investments to tax and estate planning – then we provide answers by listening and tailoring a comprehensive financial plan for our clients. 

Success.  It’s the focus and benchmark for everything that we do. Your goals and results motivate us to perform on your journey to financial confidence and independence.

Why Choose American Bank & Trust as Fiduciary, Trustee, Guardian, or Conservator?

Experience and Knowledge.  Our team of professionals has over 100 years of financial management experience, allowing you to have confidence in our staff.  We have the expertise to manage your assets in a cost effective and tax efficient manner by working with reputable CPAs and attorneys.  By implementing a sound financial strategy, we help to preserve and enhance financial security for you and your loved ones.

Understanding of Fiduciary Responsibility.  Often, people forget about the legal ramifications when selecting a trustee.  A named trustee is a fiduciary, who must put the trust’s interests ahead of their own.  There is a duty of loyalty, care, skill and prudence.  We are a corporate fiduciary with experience to ensure that all requirements are met.

Objectivity.  Even in the most loving families, relations can sometimes become difficult and emotionally charged.  And while a carefully drafted trust document explains your intent and provides directions, it can be difficult for a trustee who is a relative or friend to act objectively.  By choosing American Bank & Trust as trustee, you benefit from having decisions made free from bias, helping to maintain family harmony.

Administrative Capability.  We have systems in place to maintain accurate records of all transactions, such as purchases, sales, interest and dividend payments, and distributions.  We provide easy to read statements and all tax information needed for filing income taxes. 

Permanence and Continuity.  By naming American Bank & Trust as trustee, you have a highly competent team of professionals on your side, committed to servicing you in the most cost effective manner possible.  The Trust Department won’t pass away or become incapacitated.  Therefore, you can rely on continuity in how your account will be serviced.  


Q.  Must I have a trust to use your wealth management services?
A.  Many of our clients choose trust arrangements because of the unique advantages they offer. But no, you’re not required to create a trust. If you prefer, you can put us to work on a less formal basis by opening an investment management account.

Q. Aren’t trust services for the wealthy?
A. Our clients don’t think so. Most of them are prudent investors but generally don’t consider themselves wealthy. We invite you to contact us. If our services aren’t right or you, we will help you choose a better alternative.

Q.  What are the advantages of a trust?
A.  With a trust you cannot only draw on our broad investment capabilities but also arrange to have us perform any number of special services, now or in the future. These personalized services could range from making payments of estimated taxes while you’re traveling abroad to providing full personal financial management in the event you suffer an incapacitating illness.

Also, you can name one or more beneficiaries to receive the assets of your trust at your death. These distributions avoid probate. Or, you can have your trust continue beyond your lifetime, serving as a source of continuing income and support for your spouse, a child or others whom you designate.

Q.  Is it difficult to set up a trust?
A.  No. To employ us as your trustee requires only two steps. First, you deliver the money and/or securities that you wish to place in trust. Then, you give us written instructions in the form of a trust agreement. The agreement, drawn by your attorney, is signed by you (as creator of the trust) and by the trustee. That’s all there is to it.  

Trusts of this type are often called living trusts or revocable trusts. That’s because the person who creates the trust reserves the right to cancel or revoke it.

Q.  If I create a trust, can I keep control?
A.  Certainly. Many times, our clients act as their own trustee. The other ways to maintain control within the trust agreement are to make the following provisions:  

  • Allowing withdrawals or additions to be made at any time.
  • As just mentioned, reserving the right to cancel the trust.
  • Reserving the right to amend the trust.

Q.  Can I make the investment decisions?
A.  If you wish. Most of our clients look to us for objective, unbiased portfolio supervision because they lack the time or specialized knowledge to do all the necessary homework themselves. However, you can delegate as much or as little investment responsibility as you want. After all, it’s your money.  

Q.  Are your services expensive?
A.  No. Our fees are competitive with those charged by investment advisory firms or by mutual funds.

Q.  My broker manages my money and doesn’t charge. How does he/she do that?
A.  Transactional brokers are paid commissions for buying and selling securities in your account. Their income is dependent on your account being active. Most times you will not be able to see the fees generated by the trading.

Q.  Why should I pay you a fee to manage my money when a no-load mutual fund will do it for free?
A.  All mutual funds charge fees (called expenses). These fees average about 1% per year. The client does not see these charges because they are deducted directly from the fund.

Q.  How much of a return will I get on my money?
A.  That depends on your goals - income, growth, or a balance of the two. We work with our clients to establish a portfolio based on their individual needs. Over time, diversified portfolios of good quality stocks have produced higher returns than bonds. However, bonds provide a higher level of income.

Q.  Are your accounts insured by the FDIC?
A.  Primarily, assets are invested in stocks, bonds or other income-producing assets. These investments are not bank deposits and are not covered under FDIC **. Securities and other assets administered by our trust department are held separate from the bank’s own assets, under strict audit controls, and cannot be reached by the bank’s creditors. If you choose to invest in a bank Money Market Account or Certificate of Deposit (CD) as part of your portfolio, those investments would be covered by the FDIC up to the respective designated limits.

 **Not insured by the FDIC or any other Federal Government agency *not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by any bank or their affiliates *subject to risks including the possible loss of principal amount invested.

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